Thanksgiving Menu // Order by Nov 19

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Thanksgiving Menu

Natural Country Loaf $5 (boule shape; 2 lb loaf) (VEGAN)
Naturally leavened sourdough with a balanced flavor; wheat and rye

Cranberry Walnut Loaf $8 (boule shape; 2 lb loaf) (VEGAN)
A market best-seller; dried cranberries + walnuts

Smoked Cornbread $6 (pan shape; 1 lb loaf) (VEGAN option available)
A traditional cornbread + a hint of smoke = a new stuffing tradition. OR just slather with butter

Butternut Squash + Sage Loaf $8 (boule shape; 2 lb loaf) (VEGAN)
Wheat loaf with roasted squash and locally-grown dried sage (from my own garden)

Apple Pie Bread Pudding $8 (pan shape; 9x9 loaf) 
A unique alternative to pie for your dessert spread; serve warm with ice cream or drizzled with dark maple syrup

Baguette $3 (0.75 lb loaf) (VEGAN)
French bread perfect for cheese trays and appetizers

Pumpkin Spice Babka $8 (1.5 lb loaf) 
Brioche dough swirled with house-made pumpkin butter and twisted into a beautiful loaf; great for French Toast on a lazy holiday weekend

Chocolate Babka $8 (1.5 lb loaf)
Traditional brioche swirled with organic chocolate and a hint of cardamon

Dinner Rolls
**(available baked OR flash-frozen after baking for easy reheating)**
Soft White Wheat - $4/half dozen or $7/dozen
Soft Whole Wheat - $5/half dozen or $9/dozen (VEGAN option available)

Cinnamon Pecan Rolls (available iced or non-iced)
**(available baked OR flash-frozen after baking for easy reheating)**
$2 each or $10/half dozen

Chocolate Chip Whole Wheat Cookies
**(available baked OR frozen for bake-at-home)**
$6/half dozen

Thanksgiving Schedule for Ordering and Pickups
Store pickups:
> Moon Co-op on Tuesday, November 21, after 3pm
> Local Yokel on Wednesday, November 22, after 11am

Westwood pickups (6 minutes from 75 & convenient from downtown):
> Tuesday, November 21, after 2pm
> Wednesday, November 22, after 10am

Market Shopping and pickups:
> Deerfield Township Farmers Market on Saturday, November 18, 10-11am
> Montgomery Farmers Market on Saturday, November 18, 9:30-12:30pm
> Wyoming Avenue Thanksgiving Market on Tuesday, November 21, 3-7pm