Holiday Menu

Greetings from the Bakery!

Bread Classes have officially started and I couldn't be happier about teaching! Making bread in the summer is just as rewarding, but for different reasons. Teaching folks how to make their own bread is something that I'm truly passionate about. Some folks have sent messages that they heard the spot on NPR over the weekend - I swear I'm the only one who DIDN'T hear it! That being said, classes are filling up so don't hesitate on reserving a spot soon! If you'd like to purchase a class as a gift (or give someone a HINT to purchase a class for YOU), now's the time! I can also provide a card for gifting - just shoot me an email for more information!

Fresh-Milled & Organic update to last week's installment...
Tomorrow I'm headed up to a farm, about an hour north of Cincinnati, to meet a farmer who grows organic spelt. Spelt is one of my favorite grains (second only to rye) that is so satisfying to work with. The flavor is earthy and balanced, the dough is stretchy and strong, the gluten is minimal. We eat a lot of spelt around here, and I've been looking for a local source of organic spelt so I can start milling my own. Stay tuned to see how it goes - I'm coming home with a bag to test out!

Deerfield is ON this week!

Saturday I'll be at Deerfield from 10-11am, slinging loaves and a few pastries. Come out and say hi, grab some bread and cinnamon rolls, and head back home for some hot chocolate and holiday movies. Menu is posted below...

Weekly & Holiday Menu 

Natural Country Loaf $5 (boule shape; 2 lb loaf) (VEGAN)
Naturally leavened sourdough with a balanced flavor; wheat and rye

Cranberry Walnut Loaf $5 (boule shape; 2 lb loaf) (VEGAN)
A market best-seller; dried cranberries + walnuts

Seeds n Sprouts $7 (2 lb loaf) (VEGAN)
Wheat + Rye flours; buckwheat groats + sesame + sunflower + flax + pumpkin + fennel + caraway seeds

4Grain $8 (2 lb loaf) (VEGAN) (No White Flour)
All whole grain, all organic flours: Einkorn + Rye + Wheat + Spelt

Baguette $3 (0.75 lb loaf) (VEGAN)
French bread perfect for cheese trays and appetizers

Chocolate Babka $8 (1.5 lb loaf) 
Brioche dough swirled with Swiss chocolate and twisted into a beautiful loaf; great for French Toast on a lazy holiday weekend

Shortbread $6 (8x8 square)
Traditional shortbread with a hint of vanilla

Cranberry & Pistachio Shortbread $7 (8x8 square)
Chopped cranberries and pistachios make a festive shortbread

Cinnamon Pecan Rolls (available BAKED or FROZEN w baking instructions
$12/9pk (8x8 square tin)

Chocolate Chip Whole Wheat Cookies
**(available baked OR frozen for bake-at-home)**
$6/half dozen

Weekly Schedule

To pre-order, email and I'll set aside your bread or pastries.
For pickups in Westwood, reply to this weekly email OR send a separate email with "Westwood Pickup Order" somewhere in the subject line to with your order, including:

  • Quantity of each item
  • Payment method you prefer (either prepay with Paypal OR pay with personal check)
  • Pickup day you prefer

I will always send an email to confirm your order as well as give you the pickup address and details. If you DO NOT receive an email back, please resend to make sure I don't miss your order!

Moon Co-op, after 3pm
Westwood Pickup, after 1pm

Westwood Pickup after 3pm

Deerfield Farmers Market, 10-11am
Westwood Pickup, after 9am