Pizza // $40 // 2 hours

This two hour class will cover both pizza dough AND pizza sauce. Students will get their hands in the dough and learn how to make a flavorful, sourdough pizza crust along with a simple pizza sauce. Lastly, and most importantly, students will learn how to shape and bake the perfect pizza that will rival any wood-fired pizza joint in town. Students will leave with a full belly (we have to eat the pizza!) as well as two crusts and sauce to take home.

Upcoming Classes:

  • December 8, 6–8pm 
  • December 14, 6–8pm 
  • January 13, 11–1pm
  • January 25, 6–8pm
  • January 27, 7–9pm 
  • February 9, 6–8pm
  • February 14, 6–8pm
  • February 24, 4–6pm